recipes: vegetarian

  • cook's illustrated basil pesto (doubled)
    This is the first pesto recipe that we've really liked. Other recipes were either bland or had too much olive oil. The flavors in this one are super fresh! Adapted from Cook's Illustrated. Parmesan cheesegarlicfresh basilparsleyextra-virgin olive oilpine nutssaltsalt and pepper
  • Egg Flowers
    Visually stunning and simple to prepare, this lovely dish always brings a smile. Use Omega-3-rich organic eggs from pasture-raised chickens if available. Any color of bell pepper will work, but try to select 4-point bell peppers instead of 3-point. They taste better. bell peppersolive oileggssea saltfreshly ground black pepperfresh herbs
  • hard boiled egg
    This combined technique from Jacques Pepin and Nom Nom Paleo yields eggs that are easy to peel and don't have that weird green ring around the yolk. (That unsightly ring is sulfur by the way. The ice bath removes it.) We usually make a batch of eggs on Sunday then eat them throughout the week. Sometimes we chop them up and add them to salads, and sometimes we simply enjoy them with a little bit of salt. They're a great way to incorporate some lean protein into our diet! eggsbaking soda
  • momofuku's slow-poached eggs
    These eggs are the kind of eggs that come with ramen served at Momofuku's noodle bar. The egg, already fully poached inside its shell, is cracked into a small bowl tableside, then is gently dropped on top of the ramen. The key to getting the poaching right is to make sure that the egg never touches the bottom of the pot. According to David Chang's Momofuku, the water temp at the warm springs is just at the right temp for poaching, so women in Japan go to the springs with baskets of eggs, soak with them for about 45 minutes, then go home with soft poached eggs. We have made these at home with a dutch oven and veggie steamer, and have enjoyed them with ramen, alone with some salt, and even fried. eggs