recipes: mexican

  • easy hand blender salsa
    We'll often whip up this salsa when we have extra fresh tomatoes. The ingredients will often vary and are often subject to what we have on hand, so it is a surprise every time, but it always turns out good. Proportions are never exact for this, so none are listed in this recipe. We use the hand blender to mix up the cumin, garlic, and veggie scraps that we then combine with the salsa for a rich, saucy texture. After all the salsa is gone, we'll often combine leftover salsa juice with tequila for a quick bloody maria. cuminlime juicegarlictomatoonionjalapenocilantrogreen onionfish saucepepperketchuptortilla chips
  • green bean salad with red onion & salsa dressing
    This is such a tasty way to enjoy lean green beans. This dish can be enjoyed the night it's prepared, and leftovers can be tossed into a salad the next day. Minimal cooking is involved - the green beans cook in the microwave! This can be prepared in advance and would be great for a picnic. green beansvegetable oilsalsalime juicecilantrosalt red onion
  • rick bayless' sauce with roasted peppers and garlic
    This is a delicious sauce that can Rick Bayless uses to season halibut ceviche. We have also used this sauce to compliment porchetta and will often whip it up when we have the ingredients on hand since it keeps in the fridge for a 3 months. garlicserrano chilesparsleycilantroolive oilsalt