recipes: entree

  • jacques pepin's skirt steak grandma
    This recipe was inspired by Jacques Pepin's (JP = Jacques Pepin) Puerto Rican mother-in-law who often incorporates lime into her preparation of steak. This super tasty dish is quick and easy to make. Adapted from JP’s More Fast Food My Way. skirt steakssaltblack pepperlime juiceanchoviesscallionsgarlicolive oilanchovy oilwaterlime juice
  • lamb kefta kabob
    We first tasted Turkish food when we traveled to Istanbul in 2007. During an al fresco lunch, we tasted a little bit of everything and really liked it. The combination of spice seasonings in the food was unlike anything we've ever eaten. Some memorable favorites from that meal include Turkish pizza and this dish, lamb kefta kabob. My husband pieced together this recipe from recipes he found online. ground lambonionpaprikacuminsaltpeppercayenne pepperparsleycilantrocinnamongaram masalamintmushroomssambalyogurt cucumber sauce
  • matt's braised chicken with preserved lemons and olives
    We love any opportunity to use preserved lemons in a dish. This recipe came from my old coworker Matt. We’ll often cook this up for guests because it’s relatively easy to make, and it’s impressive enough to serve to company. All of the proportions can be adjusted to taste and availability. Leftovers keep really well and taste even better the next day. basmati riceturmericpaprikacayenne peppercoriander seedsblack peppercinnamonras el hanoutchicken thighsyellow oniongarlicgingerwhite winechicken stocksaffronolivespreserved lemonsolive oilgreek yogurtcilantro